Vitamin B12 Vitamin C and Vitamin D

Hayfever Injections

Benefits of vitamin B12?

  • Ensures the body’s cells are working properly

  • Helps convert food into energy

  • Aids in creation of new red blood cells

  • Essential for healthy body tissues

  • Aids with proper functioning and development of the brain

  • Supports skin cell health

Benefits of Vitamin D

  • Maintains bone density and bone health

  • Supports the immune system

  • Regulates the activity of more than 200 different genes 

  • Aids the absorption of calcium and phosphate in the body (these are essential for muscles, teeth, and bones)

  • Helps prevent osteoporosis

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Protects against heart disease

  • Supports brain function

  • Modulates cell growth

  • May help protect against respiratory infections

  • May alleviate symptoms of arthritis (research is ongoing but shows promising results)

Benefits of Vitamin C​

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has several important functions.

These include:

  • helping to protect cells and keeping them healthy

  • maintaining healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage

  • helping with wound healing

Lack of vitamin C can lead to scurvy.

If you do not already receive the B12, C or D injections, please be tested for a deficiency before we can treat you. This is to make sure that you are suitable for the injection. Please contact your GP to arrange this.

Benefits of hayfever injections?

If you're plagued with severe sniffles, sneezing, watery eyes and an itchy throat as soon as warmer weather arrives – and medicines and nasal sprays don't give you any reprieve – the hayfever injection could be the solution you're looking for.

As anyone who suffers from acute bouts of hay fever will tell you, this pesky pollen allergy can be all-consuming and make life extremely difficult. There's no cure for the condition, also known as allergic rhinitis, so treatments are the only way to keep symptoms in check.

The hay fever injection ‘Kenalog’ works by temporarily suppressing your body's immune response for long enough to relieve symptoms. The steroids are injected into the buttock – known as an IntraMuscular (IM) injection – depositing a low dose directly into the muscle. They slowly leak into the bloodstream over the course of three weeks.

​Vitamin B12 £35

Vitamin C £35

Vitamin D £45

Hayfever £70


We provide the above injections for over

18 years of age.

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